Home Canned Butter - a taste test after almost 18 months (2020 canned - testing 2022)


In May of 2021, I posted a "6 month taste test" of my home canned butter.  At the time, I was thrilled it was so wonderful yet at six months but now, in 2022, how is it?

Last night I grabbed one of the 2020 jars of home canned butter and opened it for a taste test and... it was perfect!  A beautiful 'butter yellow' color and the taste?  As perfect as the day I canned it.

I'm extremely happy with it!  

Here is a copy of part of my original "six month" taste test of my home canned butter - but I can attest that after almost 18 or so months out, it's still as perfectly delicious as the day it was canned.

It had good, even color.  It had a light, fresh, 'buttery' smell.  

Basically, I want to have the option of having and storing butter without depending on electricity.


(Tiny update the next day...  I made another 18 jars yesterday.  Finished the 'shaking' during solidifying process last night around 9:15 pm.  What a great feeling to see the fruits of your labor!)


Thrilled!  That's how I felt about this can of 2020 canned butter last night.  It was just as perfect as the day it was canned in the Fall of 2020.  




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