May 09, 2022

Vintage Recipes: Boston Brown Bread and Recipes for using Canned Beef

I have an old, vintage recipe book put out by Arm & Hammer Soda, which includes this Boston Brown Bread that uses a mixture of Indian meal (corn meal), graham flour, rye flour and wheat flour. 


And... canned beef recipes

This pamphlet was originally put out to help homemakers in 1934 by the Bureau of Home Economics - US Dept. of Agriculture.  The Federal Surplus Relief Corporation had been created the year before to distribute excess food commodities to people who needed it rather than continue the waste of livestock and food which the government was doing to try to boost the prices on the market.  The public outrage (and rightly so!) about the surplus being destroyed when so many people needed it, led to the government distributing it to the poor.  

The canned beef was 'new' to so many households, they needed ideas on what to do with it.  This pamphlet from 1934 gave the homemaker recipes to use the canned beef in.

Beef and Turnip Pie, Beef Scallop, Tamale Pie, Hot Beef and Onion Sandwich, Panned Cabbage and Corned Beef... so many vintage recipes to try!

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