Edible Worms

One word: GROSS

Yes, they taste good - truly! But OMGosh to see a pile of them is just so gross. LOL. Still - perfect for a Halloween party so? Knock yourself out. They are worth it.

I chose to put all the straws back into the cardboard container, then placed the box into a juice container as I knew the cardboard would leak.

I removed the cardboard by ripping it and pulling it off. A congealed mess
awaited me... but it smelled yummy! I used peach jello so
it smelled like peaches and cream.

I couldn't get my oldest daughter to taste them.
She attempted, but when she touched them she said
"EW! They feel like REAL WORMS!" and refused to taste.
I had one nibble... it tasted like jello and whipped cream of course, which I actually don't 'like' whipped cream mixed my jello (never have!)  I can't stomach it, nor any jello/whipped cream dessert, so I didn't eat them. I got the youngest child to taste them.
"Tastes like jello."

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