February 13, 2009

Product Review: Barilla PLUS pasta

With the economy going down and the price of groceries going up, more people are turning to dry pasta to supplement their meals. However, typical dry pasta isn't always healthy. However there are healthy options. Barilla PLUS is a multi-grain pasta that provides a strong foundation for a nutritionally-balanced meal and has the taste your whole family will enjoy.

Made with wholesome ingredients that are naturally rich in protein, fiber and ALA omega-3 fatty acids, it meets the growing challenges of a family desiring a healthy lifestyle while still providing the great taste they expect from their favorite pasta meals. Face it, kids (and husbands!) can taste when you take their favorite 'noodles' and replace them with a whole wheat version. This one has a taste I think they'll like as well as coming in many different styles so you can continue to present them with their favorite pasta shapes .

I found Barilla in all the local grocery stores in my area, from the Super Walmart to the local Mom and Pop grocery. I don't think you'll have trouble finding it. For extra picky families, try incorporating half 'healthy' and half 'regular' pasta into your recipes the first time or two and then slowly stop the old and in with the new!Print Friendly and PDF