Simple decorations from an egg!

With three teenagers I spend a bit of time 'waiting'. Sometimes in dentist offices, doctor's offices and sports practices. Other times I find myself waiting at car dealerships, mechanic's shops and lines. Thankfully most offices have magazines, and also just as thankfully, I almost always have my camera. It's a win-win situation when I come across recipes, cute craft ideas and household hints and helps.

This particular photo file is stored in my personal files as a 'brain-tickler' as sometimes you don't actually need a recipe or instructions, but simply need to see something 'again' to remember it and use it as a base to draw upon in your own home.

For this beautiful and simple table decoration item, or even a personal 'name' card for a dinner party, use an egg! Carefully tap out and remove a small portion at the top of the egg and remove the contents (which you can use in omlets, cakes or desserts!) and then gently wash and rinse. Add a bit of potting soil and a small plant or even seed if you have time to grow it before your celebration and in the end, delight in a beautiful and simple 'green' gift that can be replanted if the recipient wishes.Print Friendly and PDF