January 03, 2011

BBQ Beans using Black-eyed Peas and Sausage

While browsing for recipes for black-eyed peas to start the new year, I found a recipe very similar to how I make my own bbq baked beans for our family. The difference was their use of black-eyed peas... and sausage. I have always used bacon. I've never, not once, put sausage into my baked beans. It makes sense though I guess (although I love bacon far more than sausage). Of course I wanted to save it to my files for future use -after buying that 'whole hog' last Fall I am in need of more ideas to use up all that sausage and brat patties in my deep freeze!

BBQ Baked Beans

1 pound dried black-eyed peas
1 pound sausage
1 small onion, chopped
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon prepared mustard
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup prepared barbecue sauce

Rinse, prepare, soak, and cook peas in about 3 cups water, following directions on the package. Drain and reserve half of the cooking liquid. In a skillet over medium heat, brown sausage and onions; drain off excess fat. Place peas in a 3-quart casserole; add sausage and onions. Stir in reserved liquid, brown sugar, mustard, salt, and barbecue sauce. Bake at 300° for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Serves 6.Print Friendly and PDF