What's for Dinner? Chicken in Flat Bread with Tzatziki

The sun comes out and melts the snow and ice and the next thing I know I'm craving foods I normally want in the spring! Yesterday while at the grocery store I walked by the bakery and spied flat breads; delicious whole wheat and white flat breads. I instantly could taste the grilled chicken wrapped inside the warm bread with spoonfuls of a delicious cucumber yogurt sauce and lot's of tomatoes and onions!

Having just endured a whine from my 18 year old son about why I insist on buying wheat buns and bread when he loves white so much more, I gave in and bought the 'white' bread version of the flat breads, as a consideration to the fact that I knew Greek Gyro's were not his favorite foods in the first place!

When I flipped the package over I was surprised to see the Tzatziki recipe they gave on the back did not include cucumbers. Interesting. I've never made it without! But I decided I would try it without so I came home sans cucumbers.

In the end, my readers know darn well I didn't follow their recipe anyway, right? You know I use recipes as a source of an 'idea' and then I play with my food. I improvise - sometimes so heavily almost none of the original recipe exists! But I have fun. And I concoct some delicious meals!

Here is my improvised version.


2 cups plain yogurt
2 t minced garlic
fresh ground black pepper
1 t olive oil
1/2 t dried dill (optional to add 1/2 t more)

Mix and chill. Serve with Greek gyros or any other pita or flat bread sandwich, wrap or even pita chips.

*edited to add; at serving time, to cut the sour 'tang' just a little bit I added about 1 1/2 t Splenda and stirred it in. My personal feeling about this particular recipe is that I really like the addition of cucumbers to the sauce and next time I'll probably add one finely diced cucumber to this recipe.

Mixed and returned to the plain yogurt container
to chill until tonight.

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