You can like world cheeses and not be a cheese snob...

As much as I love cheese, I am not a cheese snob, nor would I be considered 'good enough' in serious circles of cheese lovers because there are certain cheeses I do not like that so called experts insist you must love in order to be a... well, I guess a cheese expert. 

I am no cheese expert... but I love cheese!!!!

Morbier Cheese (1 lb)Earlier this week I not only fixed a simple 'dinner' of a platter with 10 different cheeses, but everything from 3 local 'home grown' versions from a popular dairy here to Italian and French cheese like Morbier (a thin layer of ash separates the two layers), Sottocenere (pieces and slices of truffles and the rind is rubbed with truffles as well) and even a Mimolette aged 12  months.   Ranging from $9.99 - $24.00 per pound I can't say this is something I would invest in often, if ever again unless I was hosting some big cheese and wine party, but I did not purchase all of it, myself.  (I don't have that kind of budget!)

I bought 6 cheeses the other night at the grocery for a simple bread, wine and cheese dinner to enjoy with my husband at some point over the next week.  Our schedules never worked out to have it so finally, with he being at work and I craving my wine and cheese night, I happily laid out my 6 cheeses.

I was disappointed.  The merlot and balsamic sarvecchio cheeses were ok, but disappointing.  The smoked version I was really excited about was awful as it was not a true smoked cheese but a fake, using liquid smoke in the making (and too much of it). At work I was lamenting how the cheese let me down and another 'cheese lover' at work ended up discussing the various varieties with me and then left.  About 40 minutes later he returned with a shopping bag from the local 'it' place in town that carries all the high end cheeses.  He had purchased 4 cheeses for me to try, including one that was his favorite.

What a sweetheart!  I was surprised and felt oh-so-thankful that he cared enough to surprise with such!  And some of the cheeses he bought were $19.99 - $24 a pound.

Tonight I opened a bottle of red wine (which I'm not a fan of but it felt only fitting to enjoy with cheese and bread!)  and I sampled each of the cheeses along with my 15 year old daughter.   Well, she wouldn't sample most of them.  She tried the Mimolette but didn't care for it, while she refused to even try the sottocenere or morbier based on what she called the 'horrible fart smell' it gave off - which I likened more to dirty feet myself, but I could see her point.

In the end I can't say I liked the Morbier either.  But the Mimolette?  (Also known as Halloween cheese because of it's orange color) I liked and although it took a strong stomach to get past the smell of the Sottocenere, once I got it to my mouth I was able to enjoy the flavor which I think almost tasted like a garlic taste to me.

In the end, I will never, ever be a cheese snob.  Although I like some expensive cheeses, I am madly in love with more affordable options like my all time favorite; Feta.  And while I don't enjoy extra sharp or sharp cheddar I'm a huge fan of colby.  I'm pretty sure the French would turn their noses up at me for that one!Print Friendly and PDF