August 30, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Crackers

Once in a while you run across a simple recipe you just feel compelled to try, even if you have your doubts.  This is one of them.  When I saw this recipe there were no photos, few instructions. But... just a couple ingredients?  Too easy not to try.

I don't often have saltines in the house, but it just so happens, I bought some a week ago to accompany the homemade tomato basil soup we had.  With bacon and crackers readily available, it was a good 'test' during lunch today.

The recipe is as such;

Bacon Crackers

Bacon, sliced in half
Saltine Crackers
Brown Sugar

Wrap a half bacon slice around a saltine cracker.  Place on a baking sheet, sprinkle with a bit of brown sugar and bake at 350 for 25 minutes until done.

For my test I used 10 small square crackers, 5 slices of bacon cut in half and I opted to forgo the brown sugar as I don't like to eat sugar needlessly.  Since I already love bacon, I was good to go.

The bacon crisped up in about 18 minutes but I baked it for a couple additional just to make sure it was extra crisp.  The crackers browned beautifully from the fat in the bacon and stayed extra crisp and crunchy.  The flavor was interesting.  Not as 'bacony' or 'salty' as I expected.  But, surprisingly good.  I admit that after about 6 little crackers, my stomach said;  "enough already" but I have to be honest and say they really were not greasy on my fingers.  Another surprise.

As I removed the bacon crackers from the pan and put them on the serving plate I was asking myself if this was a recipe I would serve guests?  My decision was this;  I would make these as a quick snack if I were craving sweet, salty, crunchy and bacon all at the same time.  I would make and serve these to my family...  but I honestly don't think I'd put them on in a buffet for guests.  It's a quick, easy and yummy snack but it's not the prettiest cracker, is it? My teenage daughter had a great suggestion;  skip the brown sugar and add some grated cheddar cheese to them during the last few minutes of baking.  YUM!

Raw bacon wrapped around the crackers, ready to bake

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