How I Grill Burgers in the Oven When We Are Out of Propane

This morning I looked through my files and saw this picture I forgot to post!  A couple weeks ago my husband asked for burgers for dinner.  A yummy mixture of burgers with just the right amount of spices and bits of shredded cheddar was prepared and then... I realized we were out of propane.  No worries!

Whenever we find ourselves out of propane, this is what I do!  I grabbed a baking sheet, placed a metal wire cookie cooling rack on it and placed the burger patties on it.  This allows the fat to drop away from the meat while cooking.  I chose to place them under a broiler set on low, cooking both sides and then switching to 'high' for just a minute at the end to crisp and brown them.  You can also bake your burgers this way at 400 - 450 degrees until done.

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