Almond Crackers to replace Saltine Crackers

UPDATED TO ADD:  A million THANK YOU's to reader 'Susan' who emailed me to say I forgot to put the "T" behind the 1 in the flaxmeal ingredient list.  I am my own worst proofreader.  I see what I meant to type and not what is there. 

I love saltine crackers and always have.  As a child, grabbing a handful of crackers was the perfect snack. I also learned early on how great they are dipped in a big glass of tomato juice!  Crackers are the perfect first food after being sick, and they saved me during 2 of my 3 pregnancies when nausea the first 5 months (yes, 5 months) had me on my knee's in front of the toilet.

I use crackers not only in soups (obviously) but I use them in recipes for desserts, cookies, bars and pie crusts.  But they although they are a bland, easily digestible food for most people, once your system decides it doesn't like flour products, it's a painful side effect of enjoying them.

But...  some soups (like my favorite Cream of Mushroom) just cry out for crackers!  I made homemade Smoked Gouda Cheese Soup this week and happily enjoyed 'no flour' almond crackers with it.  Not quite the same texture as a saltine, they were a great substitute and they actually stay crisp in soups, which of course our favorite saltine does not.

I've posted my almond thin version of a "Wheat Thin" cracker many, many times since I started to make them about 12 years ago - and they are perfect for cream cheese, dips and cheese, but they aren't quite the right cracker for soup.  This one, with the sour cream and the addition of a little oat fiber, makes it a little more cracker like for soups. Overall, I'd give them a thumbs up.

Almond 'saltine' Crackers

2 c almond flour (blanched style will give you a whiter cracker - see the link at the bottom of the post)
1/2 t salt
1 T oat Fiber
1 T flax meal
1/4 c sour cream
Additional salt - kosher or sea salt preferred - for the top of the cracker

Preheat oven to 250 degrees F.  In a bowl, stir together the ingredients and form a dough.  Roll out thin between two sheets of parchment paper.  Sprinkle the tops with additional salt.  Score the crackers with a knife or pizza cutter. Prick them with a fork about 4-5 times each.  Bake approximately 1 hour on parchment, breaking apart and flipping the crackers after about 40 minutes, to ensure they are all baked evenly.  Store air tight.

Not quite a saltine, but a good substitute and they stay crisp in soup

As the dough comes together...

Scoring the crackers

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I hate to admit it, but the Honeyville almond flour is the best quality for baking - unfortunate because they are so EXPENSIVE!  And they keep raising their prices.  They were $29.99 for a 5 lb. bag last year and I bought my last bag a few months ago for $35.99 (I buy 2 and freeze mine).  I see they are currently listing for $39.99.  Ouch!  Almond flour is so much more expensive than the cheaper wheat flour. 


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