October 15, 2013

An Old Fashioned Recipe! Brown Bread

In 2006 I started to save recipes to my 'blog' with the intention of it being little more than a place for me to store my own recipes; those I already love, those I planned to make and those I filed away to make 'some day'.  Well, over 7 years later this website is what it is, but looking over some of my old unpublished files I'm bummed that so many of them have become 'lost' in the files and never saw the light of day.

This is one of them!

A very old fashioned 'brown bread' recipe.  Brown bread is simply, wheat bread... which is one of the few food items that I have never been able to master.  Oh, I can do partial wheat recipes, but this one was 100% whole wheat, and typically my full wheat breads turn out heavy and dense and don't raise as I wish them to.  That is perhaps why I tucked this away into my 'make some day' file back in the spring of 2007! 

Because it's old fashioned it calls for compressed yeast, which most of the recipes today don't use anymore.  You can find the amounts to substitute with our more standard dry yeasts here:  Yeast Conversion Table.  According to their table it will take about 3 1/2 packages dry yeast or about 7 teaspoons.  I hope to make this recipe this Fall on a cold, Autumn day.  And although I could make a white/wheat bread that would be wonderful and delicious...  let's see if I can finally pull off a 100% brown, whole wheat bread one of these days.

Brown Bread

3 c water or scalded milk
1 cake compressed yeast
¼ c cold pressed oil
¼ c raw sugar
1 t sea salt
6 c unsifted fresh 100% whole wheat flour

Mix in order given. If scalded milk is used, allow to cool before adding. After mixing dough, oil the top and refrigerate three to five hours before it is set out to rise. This gives the flour a chance to absorb the mixture in the other ingredients. The dough is a moist and sticky dough when it is first mixed. After refrigerating, set out and allow to rise to double in bulk. Knead well on an oiled board. Bake at 375° for the first fifteen minuses and then lower oven heat to 350° for another 30 minutes.

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