Make it a swirly cupcake kind of day! Rainbow swirled frosting on a vanilla cupcake.

Cupcakes.  So easy. So fast. Yet... giving a cupcake to someone is a sure way to put a grin on their face.  How about making today a cupcake kind of day?  Or if you are short on time, whip up some plain cupcakes tonight, stick them in the refrigerator and give them a twirl of frosting tomorrow?

Instant smiles.

Now... what cupcake recipe (or box mix) you make is up to you!  I've featured cupcakes so many times on my website that all you have to do is put "cupcakes" into the search bar to the right and you'll get over 500 returns.  So, pick a favorite.  From chocolate to pumpkin, vanilla to coconut.  From full sugar, full fat to low carb or sugar free. Healthy wheat germ and flax to all white flour.  The recipes are there.  You choose the one you want ot make.  Same goes for the frosting!

If you want a rainbow swirl like I did in these cupcakes, just put a thin line of food color (liquid or paste) down the inside of your decorating bag before you put the frosting in.  If you have liquid, just hold the container at the top of the plastic decorator bag and let a drop slide down the inside of the bag.  If you have paste, use a knife edge if you like.  Mix the color blends you wish.  Add your frosting, squeeze a bit out of the tip to get rid of any build up of color and then start to swirl on your icing.  Make it a happy cupcake kind of day.

Sugar Free/flour free cupcakes waiting for their turn to receive a swirl of frosting.
If you don't have time to decorate, you can bake plain cupcakes tonight and decorate tomorrow.

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