Homemade Cake in a Canning Jar

Cute, rustic and yummy too!  Thought I'd post my little 'cakes in a canning jar" as they are fun to make, store well and taste so good!   When I make cakes I tend to prefer a 'homemade' from scratch verses a cake mix.  Cake mixes today are so... airy? Chemical tasting?  They remind me of eating a fluffy pillow.  I still use them from time to time and I really love the recipe I use that 'starts' with a cake mix but turns into a more sturdy, delicious 'real' cake... but completely homemade can't be beat for flavor.

Although housewives have been canning everything from green beans to bread to cake and more for over 200 years (canning was first invented around 1806, and by 1860 was widely in use and being improved upon in lid styles and rings, etc.), if you contact an extension office or a university foods department they will tell you that home canning is unsafe and not to can anything at all except tomatoes or foods high in acids and even then will only allow pressure canning - heaven forbid you use a water bath method!  Ok.  So, in today's society we want to sue for everything (EVERYTHING!) so no one wants to be held accountable if you don't follow common sense or safety (like using high temperatures and completely clean utensils, etc.).  If you don't trust canning based on the current recommendations of the government, then I suggest you don't home-can and I'm ok with that. If you do make these cakes in a can but don't want to store them at room temperature, you can store these in the freezer.  I actually have half of mine in the freezer and half in the pantry to do a 'taste test' in a few months to see if there is a texture or taste difference in them.  (There shouldn't be as they were canned in the same batch and sealed quickly and perfectly!)

Now, let's move on, shall we!?

I made a basic yellow cake; yellow because I used butter and whole eggs verses using only the whites.  Originally it was going to be a white cake and I was going to color layers in the batter to make a 5 color 'rainbow' canned cake, but my teenager said she didn't care about the rainbow colors and to just make it plain.  Well... that was quick and easy.  Ok!

Homemade Cake in a Jar 

1 c butter
2 c sugar
2 t vanilla
3 eggs
1/3 c sour cream
2 1/2 c flour
2 t baking powder
dash salt
1 c milk

Cream the butter and sugar with the vanilla in a mixing bowl until smooth.  Add the eggs and sour cream and beat until smooth and pale.  Mix the dry ingredients and add them alternately with the milk.  Pour into 4 immaculately clean, piping hot, glass pint canning jars sitting in a baking pan with about 1/2 inch water in the bottom.   I filled to just over half way.  Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes until done in the center. 

While your cakes are baking you can prepare your lids and rings by placing them in boiling water during the last 5 minutes of baking time.  Carefully attach the seals and rings to your jars while hot.  Place them on a towel on the counter and within about 5 or 10 minutes they all should 'Pop!' to seal tight.  If your seals are old or you had something on the rim of the jar (like some batter you didn't see and it baked on) and your jar doesn't seal, just store that one in the refrigerator and eat it within 2 weeks.

When you want to serve, open your 'cake' (it should have a very tight seal you have to use your fingernails or a knife to break) top with frosting or whipped cream and dig in!   *If you use a STRAIGHT SIDED JAR your cakes will slide out and you can slice them.  If you use a REGULAR JAR you can spoon it out or slice it in the jar and pull them out in long slices through the top.  I prefer 1/2 pint jars -or even 'jelly jars'! -  because they are small and I can eat them straight from the jar.

(I used half sugar substitute for less sugar as well as almond milk and cream for the milk but most people will make this with the ingredients above.)

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