Oreo Crunch Bars - Sugar free version this time

Two years ago I started to make Oreo Bars - a black colored bar that was incredible and everyone who tried them, absolutely loved them.  But... they are FULL of sugar.  Needless to say I didn't make them often!  However, Nabisco Oreo came out with a sugar FREE Oreo soon after that and I found that making them with sugar free Oreo's and sugar free marshmallows worked perfectly!  

Now for the bad news.

Apparently, last year Nabisco stopped making sugar free Oreos.  Over the past 9 months or so, I've tried to find them in 4 different stores so I knew they were discontinued but this morning I couldn't find them available online either.

Now for the good news.

You can use Murray Sugar Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookiesand they are just as good!

You can make this recipe without the Bodycrunch Whey Protein Crunchies and it will be a sugar free version of the popular Oreo Bar.  Just use one (1) pkg. of sugar free marshmallows, 1 pkg. Murray Cookies and 1 1/2 T butter.   But the addition of the whey protein crunchies is just rice krispy cereal and really adds to it!  I also add a few drops of vanilla to mine, but that is just a personal option.

Oreo Crunch Bars (sugar free)

1 pkg. Murray Sugar Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 
1/2 c Bodycrunch Whey Protein Crunchies
2 pkg. LaNouba Sugar Free Marshmallows
2 T butter, soft

Turn the cookies into fine crumbs by using your food processor and pulsing it off and on until uniform crumbs are formed.  In the meantime, in a large microwavable bowl, place the marshmallows and butter.  Microwave for 1-2 minutes (depending on the age and strength of your microwave) until the marshmallows balloon up to big puffy clouds.  Remove from microwave, stir in the cookie crumbs and crunchies.  Spread and pat in a greased 8X8" pan.  Let set until the firm up (or rush them by chilling them in the refrigerator or freezer).

Sugar free Oreo's are no longer available, but Murray brand is great!

Uniform crumbs

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