August 02, 2014

Oreo Fluff - the cookies and creme dessert! (And my sugar free version too!)

Since my recipe site is primarily for my kids and myself, I wanted to add this photo of the original recipe that came into our house, with my youngest daughter years and years ago.  She was playing with friends and came home raving about a dessert she had and it was so good I just had to make it.  In order to make it even easier for me to make it as soon as possible, she and her friends had painstakingly typed it out on a piece of paper on a typewriter!

I still have the original paper she came home with in my recipe binder and it makes me smile when I see it as all the girls had also 'signed' the paper.  These little giggling, laughing 9 year olds are now 18 and 19, and going off to college......

Oreo Fluff is a staple of the upper Midwest.  You cannot go a pot luck at school, nor a team meal or even a graduation reception without seeing at least 1 (or 5) huge bowls of this incredibly easy and incredible tasting dessert.  And for the record;  no matter how many bowls of Oreo Fluff are on the table, better hurry.  They will be gone.  Every one of them.  Yes, it's that good.

Because our family doesn't buy, nor eat 'cool whip'  (tastes like chemicals to me), I've always used real heavy cream, whipped with a touch of vanilla and a bit of sweetener in place of everything calling for that particular item.  Over the past couple years I've often wished I could make it less 'sugary' but it wasn't until I was shopping last year and saw sugar free Oreo's that my plan was hatched.

For the record;  I think they have already stopped making sugar free Oreos.  I bought them a couple times at my local Publix but I can't find them anywhere any longer.  Darnit.  But Murray's makes a GREAT chocolate creme cookie that looks and tastes just like them... and this last time, I went a step farther and bought the new Voortman's sugar free Cookies and Creme Wafers.  WOW, those are good!!!!

Oreo Fluff

8 oz. cream cheese
1 - 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
16 oz. Cool Whip
16 oz. pkg. Oreo Cookies, crumbled

Soften cream cheese and mix with milk with electric mixer.  Mix in sweetened condensed milk. Fold in Cool Whip. Add the crumbled cookies and fold in.  Decorate with extra whole cookies on top if you wish.

*Note I used 1 1/4 cups real heavy cream whipped with about a tablespoon or two of sugar or sugar substitute and a dash of vanilla instead of Cool Whip topping.  To make this sugar free, I used cream cheese, 1/2 package LC Sweetened Condensed Milk prepared as directed (link at the bottom of this post), Just Like Sugar to sweeten the cream, and I usually use Murray Sugar Free Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies - and this last time, used Voortman's Cookies and Cream Wafer cookies (which are incredible!).

Mix the cream cheese, milk and sweetened condensed milk

Crumbled cookies

Options to make a Sugar Free version:

Just Like Sugar Table Top Sweetener -- 16 oz
Voortman Cookies'n Creme Wafers
Kelloggs Murray Sugar Free Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies 6.5 Ounce
Sugar Free Sweetened Condensed Milk


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