The Cake Boss "Bada Bloom Cake" - Nice to try but not one I'll ever get again

I start baking for the Christmas season in November.  By December 20th I've made on average, 24 different recipes and sometimes, up to about 1000 cookies, candies and bars for trays.   We also have 4 family birthdays the week after Christmas.  My sister-in-law, my father and our two daughters.

Needless to say, when my husband was given a Cake Boss "Bada Bloom" cake by friends, and it was all brightly colored green with purple and pink flowers, we were both of the same frame of mind;  Let's save it for the girls birthdays!  And we did.  Two less things for me to make and we get to taste the celebrity Cake Boss cake - which I knew my two girls would enjoy as I know they watch his show on television sometimes.

My thoughts on this particular product were actually voiced by many others at the party;

1.  The frosting isn't very good.  It doesn't even taste like frosting.
2.  There is almost a light 'rum' flavor to the cake, that isn't very good.  (I think it was the glaze they used to seal the cake... but almond would have been less intrusive.)
3.  The fudge center they rave about on the box really isn't even flavorful at all.
4.  It is moist - so there's a plus.
5.  The cake itself wasn't very good and doesn't even taste like a good bakery cake.  The yellow portion was awful and although the chocolate portion was a little better, it's just because the cocoa flavor masks the 'off' flavor and fake cake taste of the rest of it.

Bottom line?   While thankful for the gift, and the chance to taste a cake I wouldn't have bought myself, I can honestly say I will probably never purchase a Cake Boss cake again.  As a huge "frosting" loving family....  even the frosting was left.   Having almost no flavor at all and a texture reminiscent of very soft play-dough, our family will be much happier with a homemade cake or even a cake from a local bakery;  Walmart and Publix included.  The cake and frosting from our local bakeries are far more superior to the Cake Boss Cakes.  However; if you have a 'Cake Boss' fan in your house, and you want to buy the cake strictly for the celebrity factor, I'd say "go for it" as a Buddy fan would probably be sure to appreciate the gesture.

Our Bada Bloom Cake at the birthday celebration

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