October 06, 2015

Homemade Lavender Bubble Bath

This is a quick and simple 'recipe' I first posted back in 2007!  So long ago!  But with the holidays right around the corner and a lot of people looking for ways to use up the lavender their little gardens produced, this is a fun and easy way to use it and enjoy it - either for yourself or gifts.

When we lived in Southern Minnesota our home was landscaped by the previous owners. One of the plants we inherited was a walkway lined with lavender. Boy was I surprised to see how quickly it grows and spreads! It was a wonderful addition to our bathroom in both sprigs for decor (hang upside in a bunch and tie with rustic cord, twine or ribbon) and also to sprinkle the purple flowers in your bath.

Still needing more ideas to use some of it up I found this recipe for homemade bubble bath. It's a great gift idea too!

Homemade Lander Bubble Bath

1 bunch of lavender
1 large bottle of clear organic shampoo
5 drops lavender oil

Pretty clear bottles or glass jars with excellent stoppers

Cut the long stems off the lavender, as you only want the purple flowers. Place the bunch head down into a clean wide mouth canning jar. Add the shampoo and the oil. Close and let set for 2-3 weeks. (A windowsill is fine!). Shake occasionally. Strain the liquid well to remove the flowers and bottle in decorative containers for gift giving or reuse the shampoo bottle if you are keeping for yourself.

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