April 13, 2017

13 Recipe Ideas for Easter!

Just a tiny smidgen of the recipes on An American Housewife throughout the past 12 years... chosen at random as recipe ideas but you can search for many more ideas using the search box to the right or by labels!  I especially love the idea for using up leftover Peeps... a beautiful pastel rice krispy bar!

Use up those leftover Peeps - Peep Krispy Bars!

Use up those leftover candy bars! Candy Bar Cheesecake
Pastel Easter Tye-dyed Bars
Cheesecake Bars (start with a yellow cake mix)
Lemon Bars
Sugar Free Lemon Cheesecake Bars
Hashbrown Potatoes with Ham
Almond Bon Bon Cookies for Easter
Cut Out Cookies for Easter
Pretty Meringue Cups with Raspberries for Easter!
Broken Glass Dessert with Ladyfingers
Candy Bar Cheesecake Bars

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