Easy and Quick: DRY YOUR OWN BASIL FROM THE GARDEN (and use the microwave!)

I'm reposting this because it's been awhile and I just made some of this again this morning.  I was making homemade pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce today and used up the last of my homegrown and chopped dried basil.  Luckily my daughter has a pot of it growing on our deck because it's just so easy to grow so it's another one of her 'fun' plants to plant.  I grabbed the leaves off two complete stems, had them microwave dried in less than 2 minutes and ground in one more minute.  My basil container replenished for the next recipe... in under 5 minutes. 

(And the taste and smell of fresh homegrown basil, dried and ground beats the pants off old store bought any day!)

Rinsed, fresh picked basil from the garden.  Placed on a layer of paper towel.
I laid another paper towel on top and microwaved for 1 minute. Checked, added another 30 seconds. Then they were dry!
Depending on your microwave it may take more or less time but they were completely dried in 90 seconds.
I opted to chop this batch and put them into my Basil spice container. Fresh and homegrown!

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