Caramelized Brussels Sprouts and Caulifower with Garlic - My favorite way to eat Brussels sprouts!

So, I often throw this together at the last second for a side dish at dinner even though there isn't really a recipe for it. I know a lot of people hate that.  They need recipes with exact, precise amounts or they'll just die!  Umm, I could guess some for this for you I suppose but really that would be needless as you don't use many ingredients.

To caramelize these guys you simply put some olive oil and some butter into a pan on the stove (or you can actually bake this in the oven to roast them golden brown too...).  Throw in some cauliflower, some brussels sprouts and let it cook over medium for a while... they start to brown and turn golden, so you turn them over once in a while.  The last 5 minutes or so you can add a couple cloves of minced garlic and season to taste with salt and pepper.  I love the garlic roasted golden as it is naturally 'sweet' and so good but if you burn it, it turns bitter so you want to 'cook' your sprouts and cauliflower first as they take longer.

You can also cook your broccoli this way.  And you can use some bacon grease too if you want to change up the flavor a bit.

Note:  I like to pre-steam my veggies first if they are fresh or frozen.  This cuts down on the time needed to slow cook them in the pan.  I turn it up to medium high if I'm standing right there cooking them... I keep it on a medium if I'm busy or walking away often to fix other foods.

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