Pork Chops and Hashbrowns with Mushroom Gravy

Ready for the oven!

This is one of the 'too many' files and photos I have waiting patiently in my computer folder to get posted on the website.  It's from last Fall actually.  This was during the time I was flying back and forth every Saturday to another state as I divided my time, every other week between my oldest daughters house and our house as I was helping with childcare.

The Husband doesn't run our day-to-day lives or take care of any of the 'business' aspect of our lives and home so when I returned home every other Saturday night I would hit the ground running to get caught up with maintenance, repairs, banking, bill paying, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, appointments, etc.  I often was making meals before I had a chance to get out to get fresh foods from the grocery so I would use whatever was on hand in the freezer and pantry.

One cold, November night I threw this together and it was OH so good and OH so hot and comforting on a chilly night and OH so not healthy!  Ha!  As we usually low carb, no sugar, this used hash brown potatoes and canned soup.  But did I care?  I did not. 

It's one of those "no recipe" just throw it together kind of things, but I want to get it on the site because is one of those oh-so-simple no work meals any of my 3 kids could throw together.

Pork Chops and Hashbrowns with Mushroom Gravy

4 boneless pork chops
1, 2 or 3 cups hashbrowns, either frozen prepared, freshly grated or dehydrated; as many as you want.
1 can mushroom soup
*optional to add about 1/2 cup sour cream (makes a nice tasting, rich sauce)

Brown the porkchops in a pan on the stove in a little oil and season with salt and pepper.
Place your hash browns in a greased or prepared baking pan (I line mine with foil for easy clean up).
Mix the soup with 1 cup water for frozen or fresh hashbrowns, and use about 2/3 cup more water if they are dried, dehydrated.
Bake in an oven for about 45 minutes at 350.  Cover it with foil for about the first 25 minutes and then remove the foil for the last half of baking so it turns golden brown and thickens.

*If you use pork chops with bones you'll have to increase baking time by about 15 minutes.

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