February 11, 2018

Sugar Free and Lower Carb Sour Cream Pound Cake - Bundt Cake

My readers know I don't 'do' food photo shoots.  Ha.  I grab my cellphone and take pictures with it (when I remember), usually (literally) right before I eat it!  This morning I took the cake platter, placed it on my kitchen table and took a quick picture on my cellphone.  The color turned out pretty - the morning light, the purple and white flowers.  Cool. 

Eating flour free and sugar free means a lot of failures in the baking department as almond flour and coconut flour don't behave the same as wheat flours.  Our family can eat wheat - we aren't gluten intolerant - we just choose not to because we tend to live a low carb, sugar free lifestyle.  However, with this particular bundt cake, I do use some wheat flour.  I grind our flour myself using wheat berries I order from a non-GMO, heritage wheat farmer on the West coast.  I've not had good results when I leave all wheat flour completely out, but by adding 1 cup of whole grain wheat flour with 1 1/2 cups good quality almond flour, a scoop of good quality coconut flour and a tablespoon of wheat protein isolate (vital wheat gluten) I get results we are thrilled with.

Using an online site and Bob's Red Mill brand organic, whole wheat as the closest comparison I could find; it shows about 87 total useable carbs.  Divide those 87 into a huge cake with approximately 16 pretty big slices, that is about 5 carbs per slice from the healthy, whole grain flour.  If you can't eat flour at all, skip this one or play around with the almond and coconut flour along with some ground flax or oatmeal fiber, etc. to get a 'flour' mixture you can eat without pain and bloating.

Sour Cream Pound Cake - Bundt Cake

6 eggs, separated
1/2 t salt
1 c real butter
3 c natural sweeteners (Hint: Best is to mix at least 3 kinds)
1 T vanilla
3 c 'flour' mixture - see below (Hint: Best is to mix at least 3 kinds)
1 c sour cream
1/4 t baking soda

Because I don't want to wash my mixing bowl between ingredients, I usually beat the egg whites with the 1/2 teaspoon of salt first.  When they are stiffly beaten, I transfer them to a clean bowl, set aside and then proceed with creaming the butter and sweeteners in my mixing bowl. Add the vanilla and then eggs- one yolk at a time.

Alternate adding the almond flour/coconut flour/ flour mixture with the sour cream and end with the last of the flour mixture.  Before the final mixing, sprinkle over the 1/4 t baking soda and mix until blended.

Fold the beaten egg whites into your batter gently and patiently. Keep folding until they are incorporated.
Pour into a greased and 'almond/coconut floured' pan.  Bake approximately 75 minutes at 315 degrees.  The lower temperature is what will keep the outside from burning or getting too dark brown while the center is still cooking.  When it's done (I gently press my finger on top to make sure it firm and not still wet and sinking or jiggling) remove from oven and let set to cool about 5 minutes until the sides just start to pull away from the pan.  I gently shake my bundt pan back and forth in my hands to loosen it from the edges a little more, and turn it out onto a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

When it's done you can serve as is, with a sugar free glaze or just use a confectioner's style sweetener like Swerve and shake the powdered sweetener over lightly.

Note(s): For best results and best flavor mix at least 2 kinds of natural sweeteners, if not 3+.    The typical sweeteners I have on hand are usually Truvia, Ideal and Swerve granulated as well as a bottle of liquid sweetening drops.  It's nice to mix these together and put into your container to use just like you would sugar.

Note(s): Your baked goods almost always turn out better if you use a 'mixture' of almond flour and coconut flour with whey protein powder, flax seed or oatmeal flour, etc. Using almond flour alone often results in a heavy, wet, moist and soft outcome.  Just like with the sweeteners above, you can mix up a 'baking mix' of almond flour, coconut flour and/or whey protein powder, ground flax, wheat protein isolate or etc. before hand and use it like you would any flour.

For this recipe I did use 1 cup of freshly ground, whole grain flour (I grind myself using non-GMO, heritage wheat berries) because we are not gluten free we are just 'lower carb' by choice.  I usually don't use flour in baking and use a mixture of two-thirds good quality almond flour, with the final third a mixture of a scoop of whey protein powder (Isopure zero carb and zero sugar) and 1 heaping scoop good quality coconut flour and a tablespoon or two of vital wheat gluten or wheat protein isolate. 

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