BBQ RANCH SALAD - Spinach, cabbage, lettuce, kale, green onions... bbq sauce and ranch dressing!

I wanted to update my site but I absolutely don't have much time so I'm going to grab a few photos from my Snapchat story and just upload them here.

My Snapchat story is only for family and a couple friends - and I literally was going to throw together this salad for dinner so I snapped the steps for my kids too - because it's THAT GOOD and THAT EASY.

So dear readers... these 'snaps' were originally meant for my kids but it makes it really easy to post this 'recipe' for a kick-butt good salad for hot summer days!


Start with a lot of your main two ingredients:
Various romaine and dark green lettuce(s)


Spinach, fresh
Kale, optional of course
Green Onions just a couple
Broccoli, a little bit
Yellow or Orange sweet bell pepper* optional just a touch
carrots* optional, just a touch

Pulse in a food processor for just 4, 5, 6 times and only a second or two each time.  You want to finely chop the veggies; not puree' them!  Or if you have the time you can finely chop it all by hand. I always use the food processor with an S blade.  Pulse, pulse, pulse... done!

Then add a small amount (like 1 ounce of each for about 4-5 cups of veggie mix)
BBQ sauce of choice
Ranch dressing of choice
 Crunch some tortilla chips on top and serve nice and cold!


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