July 31, 2018

BBQ RANCH SALAD - Spinach, cabbage, lettuce, kale, green onions... bbq sauce and ranch dressing!

I wanted to update my site but I absolutely don't have much time so I'm going to grab a few photos from my Snapchat story and just upload them here.

My Snapchat story is only for family and a couple friends - and I literally was going to throw together this salad for dinner so I snapped the steps for my kids too - because it's THAT GOOD and THAT EASY.

So dear readers... these 'snaps' were originally meant for my kids but it makes it really easy to post this 'recipe' for a kick-butt good salad for hot summer days!


Start with a lot of your main two ingredients:
Various romaine and dark green lettuce(s)


Spinach, fresh
Kale, optional of course
Green Onions just a couple
Broccoli, a little bit
Yellow or Orange sweet bell pepper* optional just a touch
carrots* optional, just a touch

Pulse in a food processor for just 4, 5, 6 times and only a second or two each time.  You want to finely chop the veggies; not puree' them!  Or if you have the time you can finely chop it all by hand. I always use the food processor with an S blade.  Pulse, pulse, pulse... done!

Then add a small amount (like 1 ounce of each for about 4-5 cups of veggie mix)
BBQ sauce of choice
Ranch dressing of choice
 Crunch some tortilla chips on top and serve nice and cold!


I don't buy bottled ranch dressing as it tastes like chemicals to me, so for the past 20 years we've always made ours from scratch using the dry seasoning mix and because we are also usually pretty much sugar free, I make ours with cream, almond milk, low carb milk, etc.  We also buy G. Hughes BBQ sauce (I get mine at Walmart when I buy groceries.)

You can also purchase these items online through Amazon's groceries and my affiliate links;

Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning and Salad Dressing Mix, 16 Ounce and  G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free BBQ Sauce Hickory -- 18 fl oz - 2 pc


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