Drying Basil and Mint - FAST AND EASY - Oh so simple

I always do my basil this way but this week I also did mint

I've posted on An American Housewife ( previously about how quick and easy it is to dry herbs but since I just did a couple more this week it's a good reminder so I thought I'd snap a couple photos and post it.

It's just soooo easy and quick; and homegrown basil just has so much more flavor than the store bought stuff!!!  Seriously, if you have 1 minute, you have enough time to dry some basil.

Save old spice jars so you can refill them with either your own homegrown or if you buy in bulk to save money you can put them in smaller jars for using/serving etc.  I'll also link to some options available on Amazon at the bottom of this post!

OK now back to basil (and mint this time as well).

  • Pick it.
  • Rinse it.
  • Place it on a paper towel.
  • Put another paper towel over.
  • Put in the microwave and turn it on for about 1 minute.
  • Check it by lifting the paper towel (which is there to absorb moisture).
  • You can now leave the paper towel off - and move the basil around a little bit, checking which might already be dry and which might need a few more seconds.
  • Turn it back on for another 15 seconds or so... check again.
  • Let the basil sit out on the counter for a minute for it to cool so you can really see how dry it is.  If it's dry, and cool then it's time to either just put it all into a bottle or jar as it is or you can crumble it or chop it if you wish.  It crumbles easily, it stores perfectly and it's ready for use in food dishes immediately.

I actually own a micro-herb mill that was a gift from my oldest daughter about 8 years ago.  I love it.

The basil was picked the morning before so it was a bit wilty by the time I got to it.  No worries.

This time I did some mint as well since I didn't need to use it right away.

 After the drying process (described above) I like to put mine through the microplane herb mill.  This is a great option but you do NOT have to use one.  You can use it as it is from drying OR just break it apart gently in your fingers or your palms.  It smells heavenly and it's amazing how crisp and dry it is in just a minute.

My fresh, dried mint.  Ready for use!

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