August 15, 2019

Sugar Free Krispy Bars - PLUS low carb and sugar free Krispy Bars (packed with protein)

We all know how easy it is to make traditional Rice Krispie Bars - and they are SO GOOD!  But marshmallows are basically just squishy white sugar and not healthy so if you don't care about low carb or high protein, a very simple way to make your favorite treat is to simply replace the sugary marshmallows with a sugar free version.   I've posted this 'recipe' on An American Housewife a couple times and you can find it here from 2015.

I have posted this recipe previously - a few times!  One of which is back in 2014 which you can find here: A Sugar Free, Low Carb, Protein Packed Faux Rice Krispy Bar

And today it's a peanut butter krispy bar version to boot!

The first thing to know that if you want low carb, sugar free and high protein...  these are the little krispy puffs to use. There used to be another brand who made these years ago, they stopped selling them and I couldn't find any for a couple years until I stumbled upon these.  I love these - absolutely love them!  But oh my, they are EXPENSIVE!   So I don't buy them as often as I would like.  There is about 6 cups or so in the large sized container and when I make homemade low carb, sugar free candy bars or Krispy Bars with them, I typically use about 5 cups.  So... expensive, but they are really awesome.  Crisp, unflavored and so versatile for not only homemade candy bars and Krispy Bars but people love to use them in smoothies and yogurt, etc.

    ProMix Nutrition Unflavored Protein Puffs

  La Nouba Sugar-Free Marshmallows 2.7 Oz (6 bags)

Peanut Butter Krispy Bars - Low Carb and Sugar Free

5 T butter
Dash of vanilla
1/2 c peanut butter of choice (read labels for sugar content)
1/4 c almond butter of choice (can use all almond butter or peanut butter if you wish)
10 oz. sugar free marshmallows (I use 4 pks. LA NOUBA marshmallows)
5 c crispy protein puffs

Put the butter, vanilla and marshmallows into a large microwavable bowl and microwave until they puff up and double their size in the bowl. This takes about  1-2 minutes depending on your microwave strength.

Immediately stir in the almond/peanut butters IF you are using them - you don't have to, if you want a regular vanilla Krispy Bar - and the crispy protein puffs, with a rubber scraper that has been sprayed with Pam style cooking oil or oiled with canola or vegetable oil. Press the mixture into a greased or greased pan. The smaller the pan, the thicker the bar. As soon as they are cool, cut and serve!

*You can melt sugar free chocolate chips with a bit of peanut or almond butter and spread on top of cooled bars.  My husband loves them this way.  I'm not a fan of chocolate so today I made them sans-chocolate so I can enjoy this batch too!

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