A keto substitute for roasted little potatoes? Yes! Oven roasted radishes

Photo is prior to roasting - tossed together and ready to roast

I have loved radishes all my life - literally since I started to eat solid foods as a baby.  My Dad loved them and by default they were a huge part of my life and one of the earlier foods I recall pulling and eating fresh from the ground as a toddler (radishes and carrots). 

But I digress.  The point of this quick fly-by post is simply to remind people you can eat radishes cooked - not just raw or on salads!   

Since we are primarily and usually lowcarb and/or keto we don't get to enjoy potatoes often, but radishes and cauliflower fill the space quite easily.   Cauliflower for mashed and radishes for the rest.

When making a roast, I add radishes in place of potatoes.  Same for chicken, one-sheet pan dinners, onions roasted 'potatoes' and more.

This particular meal, I popped some radishes in a cast iron skillet along with some avocado oil, garlic and green onions.  Seasoned with simply salt and pepper.  Roasted until the greens and radishes were a nice golden brown and served along side our main entree'.  
Freshly thrown together and ready to pop into a hot oven to roast







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