From My Instagram Post: Chicken and Avocado Salad or Wrap Filling



This is one of those 'throw together what sounds good' kind of dishes.  I wouldn't even say there is a recipe for it so much as an estimate and taste-test to your own preferences. 

I think what sets this apart right now is the fact that it's easily made with items from food storage and pantry storage if you wish; although obviously a fresh foods meal for the average person on an average any-day. 

This particular recipe and photos were using freeze dried diced chicken from NutriStore.   For those of you coming to An American Housewife specifically to know about their freeze dried diced chicken, I'm going to chat about that for a second.  Everyone else can skip a few photos down to continue with fresh chicken!

This is what freeze dried chicken looks like right from the can before reconstituting with water.  It's 100% just plain chicken.  This diced chicken doesn't have any seasoning to it; but you can get seasoned white chicken and grilled chicken in freeze dried form as well. I have NutriStore products in my personal storage, but they were awesome enough to send me this #10 can of their diced chicken to try so that is the one I used in this post.

Reconstituted, it's just like you boiled a chicken breast and then diced it up yourself.  Just easier.

NutriStore has chicken, beef, sausage crumbles, etc. as well as fruit, vegetables and more.  LOTS of freeze dried options.

It was lunch time, I was hungry and decided to throw together a quick chicken wrap on a low carb tortilla for lunch.  No amounts used; just common sense, what you have on hand and what sounds good!

Cooked, diced chicken  (leftovers, rotisserie or cook and dice a chicken breast quickly)
Avocado, cubed
Green Onions
Sour Cream and/or mixed with a bit of mayo
Tomatoes, diced

*Salsa, mayo, black beans, cheddar cheese, cooked rice, green or black olives all great additives if they sound good to you too!

About a cup of cooked, diced chicken with half an avocado, 1 or 2 sliced green onions, a dollop of sour cream and/or mayo to hold it together.  Some fresh tomato dices tossed in, along with some jalapeno slices or green chilies and finish it off with a bit of salt and pepper and cilantro.

Eat chilled as a salad or spoon into a couple flour tortillas or wraps. 


If you are interested:  NutriStore freeze dried foods (of all varieties) are available on their site or through Amazon if you prefer to shop there!  Just a side note that when they are in stock, you can also find freeze dried avocado slices, freeze dried tomatoes and freeze dried or dehydrated jalapeno peppers from various companies.









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