Home canned butter: another update taste test at almost 2 years (canned October 2020 and updated again today, June 21, 2022)


In October 2020 I canned butter.  I did a follow-up taste and post in May 2021 and at that time I was thrilled with it.  Absolutely thrilled.  I did another taste test in February of 2022 - at the 18 month mark, it was again... absolutely wonderful.  Just perfect, sweet cream butter.  

Here we are in June 2022... this October will be 2 years.  I haven't used much of the canned butter because it was part of my 2-3 year storage for 'hard' or 'harder' times.  I knew it was coming... and it looks like it's coming up pretty fast.

So... was my home canned butter still holding up?

Oh yes!

Tonight I opened one to use at dinner and it was just as perfect as the day it was canned. 

Once opened, I use a plastic lid on the canning jar.

Some notes from my original posts:

In October 2020 I finally canned butter in a pressure canner

I didn't know if it was going to work out or not, but I wanted to try and thanks to good sale at our local membership warehouse, my freezer food storage had some 'extra' butter I could do a trial run with and not be too upset if it didn't turn out.

I have a Presto brand, 23 quart pressure canner. This is an 'after thought' but I need to mention it because it's important... if you haven't bought a pressure canner yet and you have a GLASS TOP ELECTRIC STOVE then you need to be careful of the brand and style you buy!  Many are not recommended for glass top stoves because they will crack them.  I have a glass top stove, which I've always used for water bath canning but I had to be careful when I purchased my pressure canner.   

This also probably goes without saying if you've been doing your research on canning butter - but you never trust water bath canning for items like butter.  And even then - always use brand new, good quality lids so know you have a new seal.My butter was canned in October 2020.   I wanted to wait to do the first taste test and seal test at about 6 months.

I had to work hard to get that seal off.  That was the first good sign.
When I opened it, it smelled like... butter.   There wasn't much of a scent at all - which is good.
It was just... butter.  That sounds almost too simple but there you go.  It was just... spreadable, creamy, real butter.

It had good, even color.  It had a light, fresh, 'buttery' smell.  

Why did I want to can butter? 

For my readers who are thinking "Why would you can butter!?  Just buy it at the store or put some in the refrigerator or freezer!", this is why I personally wanted to. 

I do keep butter in our freezer for longer term storage.   

Butter is a food item I never want to run out of!  I use a lot of butter in our day to day meals and baking!  

I will always keep butter in the freezer as part of my well stocked kitchen/pantry, but I know first hand about storms and power outages. 

I want the ability to have butter for meals for my family in the event of an emergency of any sort or to take with when we go camping, on vacation, etc.  

You can buy canned butter.  Commercially canned butter like Red Feather brand  - currently about $250 for a case of 24 little cans.  The cans are about the size of a can of tuna.   At the time I did my first canning I bought a pound (4 sticks) of butter for about $7.42.  I spent about $16 to can 24 half pints of my own butter.  

Today (this June 2022 posting) I just checked and that same, exact butter at the same, exact membership warehouse is $13.28.  $6 more per pound than it was just a few months ago.  All the more reason to can and store.

Basically, I want to have the option of having and storing butter
without depending on electricity.



You might be interested in some products related to this post - like pressure canners from Amazon.  They are back in stock after being almost impossible to find during Covid shortages in 2020.  I've seen pressure canners back in stock at my local retailers and various sites online but if you prefer to buy from Amazon, please consider using one of my links for your search.  Thanks much!



My particular model is the Presto 23 quart.  It was more affordable than the other really popular brand, but it was also easy to 'learn' and really easy to use.  MOST IMPORTANT?  I knew THIS STYLE/BRAND CAN BE USED ON MY GLASS TOP ELECTRIC STOVE.   This is important because some other brands are not to be used on glass top stoves.



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