February 03, 2023

Sheet Pan Style Crunch Wrap Supreme

If you are a regular reader of An American Housewife, you know our family loves homemade Crunch Wrap Supremes.  I've posted about them in the past.... Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme

This week I made our regular Crunch Wrap meal into a 'sheet pan style' crunch wrap instead of individuals.  (But not really a supreme since I didn't have fresh lettuce and tomatoes on hand).  I did have the sour cream so it's a 'half way' supreme.  Ha ha.

To make these, I also used regular taco shells because I didn't have corn tostada shells on hand.  If you wanted, you could also use Doritos or any tortilla chip!

Another thing to play with is the cheese. I use nacho cheese sauce or cheddar cheese sauce when I make them individually but I just went ahead and used shredded cheddar for the sheet pan style.

You can make your own taco seasoning or store bought (I used my Chalupa seasoning mix this time around) and I mixed ground pork and ground beef together as pork is cheaper than beef so I like to make the beef go further. 


NOTE:  the next time I make these sheet pan style, I will bake them without the sour cream inside, and just top the individual servings with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sour cream, as well as extra taco sauce or salsa.  Since I wasn't going to the grocery store until the next day, I baked the sour cream inside as we were out of lettuce and tomatoes anyway!

Sheet Pan Crunch Wrap Supreme

1 1/2 lb. ground beef made into taco meat of your choice
1 pkg corn tostada shells, taco shells or even Doritos (use what you have)
1 pkg. flour tortilla shells 
1 can nacho cheese sauce or a couple handfuls of shredded cheddar cheese
sour cream
taco sauce
2 pans of similar size so one can lay on top of or inside the other

Lay a flour tortillas down inside a greased baking pan.  I used a sheet pan but any pan could work, just adjust your number of flour tortillas and  corn tortillas to fit.  Spread the meat over all.  Spoon and spread nacho cheese sauce on the meat (or used grated cheddar)  and top with a crunchy tostada shell, taco shells, etc.  Add some taco sauce over all.

Lay 2 or 3 more flour tortillas down the center of your pan, start to fold the wrap up over the tostadas or shells.   Cover the shells or tostadas completely with the flour tortillas, folding in the edges.  Spread butter all over the flour tortillas and use a second pan of similar size laid down on top of it all to hold the flour tortillas in place and help to get them golden brown and crisp.

Bake at 425 degrees until golden brown when checked (I think mine was around 20 minutes - I didn't time it.)  I just kept an eye on the edge of flour tortilla showing and then picked the top pan up to check how golden brown they were.  They are done when heated through, and golden brown and crispy.


I used a mixture of ground pork and ground beef since we always have both on hand (I grind our meat myself).  This makes my more expensive beef go further when I also mix pork with it. 

Make your filling with whatever you like for your taco meat fillings.  (Store bought seasoning mix, homemade, etc.)

Line a greased pan with flour tortillas.

Spreading the meat mixture

Cover all the flour tortillas with the taco or chalupa meat

Add a layer of cheese - shredded or even canned cheese spreads

Normally I'd leave the sour cream off and serve it as a topping with lettuce and tomatoes and onions.  As I noted above, I was out of lettuce and tomatoes and wouldn't be going to the store until the next day, so I just opted to bake the sour cream on it so I could clean up the kitchen while they baked, and serve without any toppings, fuss or mess.

Drizzled taco sauce (or your favorite salsa) over as well.

Add your crunchy layer.  My usual is tostadas but I only had taco shells on hand this time.

Add a couple flour tortillas to the center to cover, and fold the edges in so it's all covered up tight.  Spread butter over all.

Set a second baking pan or sheet on it to hold the tortillas down, in place and help them cook to a golden brown and crispy layer.


Its 'done' when heated through and everything is a rich golden brown.  











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