Bacon Wrapped Porkchops

A lot of people don't eat pork chops anymore because they say they have little flavor and the meat is a dried out piece of shoe rubber. Part of that reason is that we struggle to use the recipes we know and loved as a child that were handed down by our mothers or grandmothers. However we can't! Why? Because pork is very different today than it was then. It's bred to be leaner, so less fat means less flavor, but also, the meat cooks much faster. The recipes that called for your chop to be cooked for 40 minutes now can be cooked in almost half that time, 40 minutes for a boneless chop will result in a dried out piece of leather.

This bacon wrapped pork chop not only adds moisture and protection to the meat but imparts a delicious flavor!

4-6 pork chops (boneless)
8-12 strips of bacon
Fresh cracked Pepper
Any herb mixture you like (Emeril, Montreal, Penzey's, a BBQ rub, etc. whatever your family likes!)

Wrap the bacon around the pork chop to cover.  If they are thinner you can use 1 slice, but nice big thick chops might take 2 to cover. Grill or bake. When you bake them at 400 it takes about 30 minutes but then you'll want to broil the chops about 4 inches from the broiler until the crisp and turn golden. If you grill them they will be done when your bacon is done!

Thanks to reader "Nick" for his comments on this recipe;

"The pork chops were spectacular! I was extremely excited to see that they were not dried out as per the norm when I cook. The kids loved them too!"

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