Product Review Says: Thumbs Down *Updated July 3, 2010

La Terra Fina Chunky Artichoke and Jalapeno Dip

On my last three trips to Costco I've looked at this dip in the refrigerator section and my mouth would almost water with the thought of jalapeno's and artichokes in my favorite cream cheese dip base. Yum! I finally gave in and parted with the $8 to buy the dip.

What a mistake. I think when this dip is originally made and brand new at the factory it probably tastes fine because the onions they use haven't permeated through the recipe yet. As the containers are sealed, shipped and sent to the stores and then sitting to sell, the onions grow stronger and stronger until there is little else left to taste.

I am a HUGE fan of onions. Truly. Onion dip and potato chips can't even be brought into my house because I will devour them. I love everything onion from rings to sautee'd to soup to even eating a whole can of French's French Fried Onions as a snack! But I could not stomach this dip.

I tried it cold.
I tried it hot.
I tried it with numerous different chips and crackers.
The overpowering strong onion was a bitter shock that left an aftertaste for hours.

Thumbs down.

*Updated with a new review July 3, 2010 - it was the first time in 3 years I could stomach buying this product again as it was THAT bad. I suspect now that it was rotten onions used in that batch OR the product had gotten hot in the truck during delivery or perhaps in the store and it was refrigerated after the bacteria levels had gotten high as it really smelled and tasted like garbage.

I'm very happy to report that once I could look at it in the store without my stomach lurching and making me nauseous, I purchased it... and enjoyed a DELICIOUS lunch of pita chips and la Terra Fina dip today. Thumbs UP!!!!Print Friendly and PDF