Chocolate Brandy Trifle

Because I cook and bake so often my family is a bit spoiled and I admit that sometimes we don't finish cakes and pies. They taste awesome, but I really do bake all the time and so a cake a week isn't unusual here.

This was a chocolate cake I had left over and since I almost never throw food out (gasp!) I find other ways of using it. For this recipe use leftover (or fresh) chocolate cake of any style. A regular cake, pound cake, with or without frosting... doesn't really matter. It can even be a little dry, with the layers, it won't matter!

Tear or cut it into large cubes and place a layer of cake on the bottom of a glass trifle dish.

Drizzle brandy over the cake and top with a layer of chocolate pudding. Now add a layer of cool whip, homemade whipped topping or Rich's ready whip.

Make another layer of cake followed by the same pudding, whipped cream layer.

Continue doing this until the cake is gone and your dish is topped off. Finish with a layer of cool whip or whipped topping. I like to put chocolate curls or sprinkles on the top sometimes too.Print Friendly and PDF