Strawberry Coolers (non-alcoholic)

In 1990 my husband and I were living in Southern California where I was a church secretary. There was a woman in the church where I worked that not only was active in volunteering her time and talents, but regularly invited the office staff for luncheons at her home.

All these years later I remember a couple of the items served in her home, one being grilled chicken kabobs with a peanut sauce and the second, a cran-raspberry drink that I loved so much it became a staple in our home for Thanksgiving and Christmas when we didn't want to serve red wine (because we didn't drink it and later because we wanted something the children could have as well).

It was a simple mix of frozen cran-raspberry juice with club soda instead of regular tap water. The sparkling water added bubbles and life to the drink it went from being a simple juice to being a sparkling 'cooler' beverage.

This morning I saw this saved in my file and it is basically the same 'recipe' but using a strawberry drink with ginger ale. Same idea, a little different flavor. Perfect for the Labor Day back yard bbq's because everyone can enjoy it... from 92 year old Great Grandma down to 3 year old Janie.

1 (33.8-ounce) bottle ginger ale, chilled
1 (11.5-ounce) can frozen strawberry juice cocktail concentrate, thawed and undiluted

Stir together ingredients; serve over ice.Print Friendly and PDF