September 14, 2009

Using up a sweet wine

It's not really a recipe, but a quick and simple way to serve a light and fruity spritzer style drink for those of us that don't really like to drink but want to part take in a social situation such as a beautiful relaxing evening on the deck with friends as the sun goes down and dinner is on the grill. Or... in this case to use up a wine that was far too sweet to enjoy on its own!

Having bought 3 bottles of wine to have on hand this summer for visitors, desserts and relaxing summer evenings I just grabbed three at random so any guest to our home would have a choice. My regular readers know I'm not really a 'sweets' kind of girl so it's no wonder that moscato's are too sweet for my tastes and I was left wondering what to do with it.

One of the ways I've previously used up fruity wines is to use them in white cakes. There are a number of desserts to use wine in but this time around I didn't feel like making a cake. Instead I grabbed a sparkling water out of the refrigerator that happened to be the IZZE brand, pomegranate flavored (which has a bite to it) and mixed the two. What a quick and simple way to use up a sweet wine or just perk up an IZZE.Print Friendly and PDF