September 17, 2009

Vodka Marinated Chuck Roast


Regular readers to An American Housewife know that my husband and I invested in a large purchase of meat this summer. We had the opportunity to buy 'half a cow' from my brother who raised the beef himself and used no antibiotics or medications at all and the cows were corn fed. While we love steak and can get creative with ground beef in tacos, stews and burgers, what we ended up with a lot (a lot!) of roasts. And... we aren't a 'roast' family. So needless to say I'm expanding my horizons on ways to prepare them.

This one was improvised by looking at a recipe, realizing I didn't have most of the ingredients, and adding my own instead. This is of course, typical for me as everyone knows I preach the idea of using recipes as 'guidelines' and making them your OWN. Play with your food! So this is what I ended up with and we loved it so much I have 2 t-bone steaks marinating in it right now!

Vodka Marinated Chuck Roast

1/2 c oil
1/2 c lime juice
1/2 c soy sauce
1/3 c vodka
1/4 c dried parsley
6-8 garlic cloves, chopped or minced
2 t grated lime peel (1 t dried)
2 t ground cumin
2 t dried Italian seasoning (or use oregano if you are out)
1 t ground black pepper
1 roast, 4 steaks or heck, try it on chicken and let me know how it turns out!

Whisk all the marinade ingredients in a bowl and pour over a roast or steaks in a dish, pan or large plastic baggies. Seal or cover and refrigerate 8 hours or even up to 24 if love a strong flavor. Heat the grill, discard marinade and grill over medium low heat for a roast until done to your desired level. I like mine pink. I turned up the heat at the end to give it a nice dark color and crisp up the remaining bits of fat on the edges.


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