January 04, 2010

Chilled Chocolate and Bourbon Cappuccinos

When I hear 'cappuccino' I usually think of a nice hot drink. Perhaps this is because it's currently about -10 degree's out and is barely making it past zero even at 1:00 in the afternoon. Space heaters, fireplaces and hot drinks are a must for the next few months! However we have friends and relatives in warmer climates that could thoroughly enjoy a nice cold cappuccino and especially might enjoy this one made with a splash of bourbon.

Chilled Chocolate and Bourbon Cappuccinos

2 cups hot brewed coffee
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 cups 2% low-fat chocolate milk
2 tablespoons bourbon

Combine coffee and brown sugar, stirring until brown sugar dissolves. Stir in low-fat chocolate milk and bourbon; cover and chill. An idea to serve to guests; dip rims of 4 stemmed glasses in water and then in sugar to coat rims. Pour 1 cup cappuccino into each glass.Print Friendly and PDF