Oven Temperature Chart for Old Recipes Requesting a "hot" oven

About 10 years ago I remember a Mom from an online group I posted on asking about old recipes that called for a 'slow' oven or 'hot' oven and what the temperatures might be converted to today. I had forgotten about this until today as I came across this listing in one of my old cookbooks. This, along with can sizes and a few other tidbits of information have been lost over the years but have left many a current-day cook scratching their heads in confusion.

Be confused no more! Here you go - from an old depression era recipe book.


If Grandma's recipe says cook in a.....

very slow oven - bake at 250-300 degrees
slow oven - bake at 300-325
moderate oven - 325-375
medium hot oven - 375-400
hot oven - 400-450
very hot oven 450-500Print Friendly and PDF