Adding Severed Fingers Made a Regular Layer Cake into a Halloween Cake!

Over the years our family Halloween decorations have gone from simple smiling paper pumpkins in the windows and adorable little pumpkin cookies when the children were little to a more gory, adult themed decor style as the kids became teenagers and started to accompany me to the party and Halloween stores.

Considering I don't particularly care for or about Halloween, it's really for them that our house is decorated and I make Halloween themed cakes and cookies.

This year a simple addition of a package of realistic looking bloody severed fingers was the perfect addition I needed to pull off a great cake.

Adding the fingers to the top of a homemade layer cake
and throwing in a couple black plastic spiders we already owned
we had a really cool Halloween dessert!

The fingers are plastic - not candles
so they can be washed and reused next year!

What a fun dessert for a party for older teens or adults!

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