Prepping for Thanksgiving! Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes!

I worked my tail off to be able to work a half day and spend the afternoon at home trying to prep some of the things to prepare for tomorrow. This will allow me to take part in some of the movies and games with my family instead of being stuck in the kitchen the whole time.

I just finished the Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes and figured I might as well hop online and post as I go to help others who are also trying to get a few things done today!

I don't actually use a recipe for the Make Ahead Potatoes because the amounts are going to change based on your tastes and the size of the potatoes. When I say 'medium' or 'large' potato - it's all relative. So start with my 'recipe' and then add a little more or less depending on what you think they look and taste like. Don't worry! Following the basic's to start will ensure you can't screw these up!

Another plus with this recipe that uses no milk... you can freeze them or refrigerate them and they won't get grainy! Just thaw and bake as usual.

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes
amounts are approximate

8-10 medium to large potatoes (yukon gold are yummy but reds are whiter!)
1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese
1 1/2 - 2 cups sour cream
1 stick butter
salt and pepper
heavy cream or half and half if you like (not needed)

Peel and cook the potatoes to fork tender by boiling. Drain briefly and put in large metal bowl to mash. Mash or mix in the cream cheese, butter and sour cream. Start with 1 1/2 cups sour cream and 1/2 stick butter - mix with heavy electric mixer or mash, but do not use a food processor or you'll end up with a gummy mess. Add the rest of the butter and up to another cup of sour cream based on how rich and yummy you want your potatoes. Add the salt and pepper to taste. Serve right away or refrigerate or freeze. Bake/heat as usual. These have never gotten grainy on me like potatoes from my childhood when my Mom would make mashed potatoes with just milk and butter. These are always creamy and delicious!Print Friendly and PDF