November 22, 2010

Traditional Cupcakes... Accomplished!



With my busy schedule, working right up to Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to do a few things ahead of time if I could. One of those was the Pumpkin Cheesecake I made (and posted) yesterday. 

Today I finished our traditional Thanksgiving Cupcakes. 

If you've been checking into the American Housewife site in November of the past 5 years you may have already caught a photo or two of previous cupcakes. 

Here is a quick link to the 2006 , (2004 photo included) - and my 2009 cupcakes just to show you how I make tiny differences each year based on the cookie I find or whether I use caramel or chocolate chips for the 'gravy'. You can also click on either of those links for ingredients and instructions on making your own little turkey dinners.

This year's gravy was chocolate chips and the cookie was a mango tartlett - chosen for the very pretty 'plate edge' it could provide. 
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