August 08, 2011

Back online but then I left town!

New computer... back online... but then I left town!

As some of my regular readers know, we are in the middle of a relocation to another state about 1,000 miles away.  I've just returned from a solo trip to see my husband and daughters there, get them moved into temporary housing, sign leases, get my daughter signed up for high school in the 'new' area, find a vet for the cats (one of whom got a UTI so finding the veterinarian, while on my 'todo' list, wasn't planned for that trip) and then rushed back home just 2 days later.  Exhausted but safe and sound; I'm now ready to start a new week at work full time AND get back to updating.

I have a delicious feta artichoke pizza I made last night for an impromptu dinner.  At least I remembered to take photos before I devoured it! Updates soon now that I'm back in town!

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