Todays Lunch: Veggie Bagel Sandwich

A busy day.  So busy in fact, I had to postpone an errand until tomorrow because I just do not have time to run it and still pick up my daughter at school on time.  In the middle of everything, I realized my stomach was growling, and boy!  Was I hungry!

I knew what I was craving and thankfully, knew that we had 'everything bagels' in the house.  Time for my favorite bagel;  a veggie bagel!  Now, this isn't really a recipe of course because really, you shouldn't need a recipe to make yourself a 'sammich'.  I happen to like everything bagels, jalapeno or onion bagels, but if you like plain, egg, sesame seed or whole wheat... knock yourself out! Use the bagel you like!   Start with cream cheese (flavored or plain) and add your goodies to top.

Here is what I made to help you brainstorm what you want on your bagel!

1 bagel of your choice, split
cream cheese of your choice (low fat, fat free, plain or flavored)
cucumbers, sliced thin
onions, sliced thin
red peppers, sliced
yellow banana peppers, sliced
options:  lettuce, jalapenos, bean spouts, green peppers, avocado, radishes, olives, pickles

Smear cream cheese on both top and bottom of the bagel not only for flavor, but it helps hold the veggies in place.  Top with whatever vegetables you prefer, close the sandwich and enjoy!

The cream cheese helps hold the vegetables on

My favorite!  All vegetables, no meats.

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