Appletini Crystal Light Pops

Sometimes we don't need a recipe so much as a simple reminder that something exists.  A moment when you say, "Oh yeah!  I forgot about those!"  or "Oh my gosh.  That is so easy, why didn't I think of that!"   Popsicle's are one of those things.

I happen to be lucky in that my mother cleaned out her kitchen a few years ago and gave me the original Tupperware Popsicle trays my brothers and I used as a child.  These are the real deal from about 1973!  Today there are a kazillion versions available - you can order them online (Frozen Treat Trays) or even find some at your local Walmart or dollar store.  You can fill these with any fruit or liquid you wish!  A few days ago I posted a recipe to puree fruit and make healthy fruit pops with no sugar.

These are made with Crystal Light Mocktails drink mixes but you can use orange juice, Kool-Aid, a popsicle blend, soda, jello mixtures, pudding...

Simply mix, pour, freeze and enjoy!

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