July 16, 2012

Spicy Potato Wedges or Fries

Last night we had grilled steaks and grilled potato coins for dinner.  When we have fries or any sort of wedge style potato, my 16 year old and I open the cupboard and grab a handful of spices to season them with.  We don't worry about using the same spices each time, but we do have a general idea of what we like.

The photo above starts with the new Orida Grillers potatoes.  They offer a seasoned version and a plain version, but the grocery store I shopped at only had plain.  No worries!  I grabbed a handful of spices and they turned out fabulous!   My only note is to go heavy on the spices - potatoes tend to be bland and take quite a bit to really shine.

Cayenne pepper
garlic powder
Lawry's Salt
Oil (spray style like Pam makes it easy)

Lay the potatoes on a greased plate or sheet.  Sprinkle liberally with the spices.  Flip and repeat if you like, although I just did the one side.  Sprinkle lightly with flour and coat with a nice even layer of oil (which is why it's so easy and fast with PAM or other spray).   Now, grill as per directions for about 13 minutes.   We *love* this new product.  They reminded me a little bit of the flavor of Shakey's MoJo's.

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