Cream Filled Cupcakes (with a hint on an easy way to fill)

This week I celebrated an "Anniversary" of sorts.  It was one year ago that our house "up North" sold and I was able to make the 1000 mile drive to join my family in the new city and state he was promoted and relocated to.  To celebrate, I made cupcakes.  And not just cupcakes, but cream filled cupcakes.  Easy peasy.  No, really.

Actually, you don't have to remove any part of the cupcakes in order to fill them.  I've been making filled cupcakes since I was in elementary school and never, for 20 years, removed any of it to fill.  However, since I already own an Apple Corerand such a simple device makes it quick and easy to remove a plug of cake to allow for a little more filling...  I do.

This isn't really a recipe today, as I cheated and used a boxed mix.  I only made half of it - making 6 jumbo cupcakes.  Instead, it's just a simply hint to show you how you can use an apple corer to pull out a bit of the cake to make more room for your frosting or filling.

I frosted my cupcakes by using;

1 tub store bought frosting
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 t vanilla

Whip the cream with an electric mixer until hard peaks form.  Fold into the frosting until mixed complete.  Place in a decorator bag with tip and insert into the cupcake, press filling through until full.  Stop and then reapply the tip to frost the cakes as you wish.

I just use an apple corer to scoop out a little cake

Fill with whatever filling you wish

Frosting and decorate

You might be interested in an apple corer from Amazon;


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