January 12, 2013

Low Carb, Sugar Free Crackers - Like Wheat Thins

When you are eating low carb and sugar free you often miss the crunch of a snack like a cracker.  Back in 2002 when I first started to do sugar free and low carb, there were almost no products readily available on the market and doing low carb, sugar free meant you ate basics, made everything yourself and did so with very little product choices.  We've come a long way since then and you can buy a low carb, sugar free version of most foods, snacks, desserts, etc. now.  But... this remains a favorite in our household.  Homemade.

You can play with the spices to flavor these as you wish.  Think of the flavors you prefer in a Wheat Thin cracker and then play with the spices accordingly.  I found I like them simple;  a little garlic and onion.  I then like to dip them in a Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese spread or just eat with a smear of cream cheese. Yum!

Almond Thins Crackers

1 c almond flour or fine ground almonds
2 t sweetener of choice
1 egg white
1/4 t garlic salt
1/8 t garlic powder
1/8 t onion powder

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. Make sure it's mixed well so all the almond is moist and the dough starts to hold together.

Crumble and drop the dough on parchment paper or well greased foil on a pan. Cover the sticky dough with another sheet of parchment or greased foil or plastic wrap. Roll the dough out with a rolling pin as thin as you can - 1/8 of an inch is what to aim for and even thinner if you can. You should be able to get a rectangle about 9X9 inches. Peel off the top layer and score with a pizza cutter to make about 30-40 small squares. Bake at 325 degree's for 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Check at 10 minutes and use a metal spatula to gently pry the crackers apart, flipping the ones on the outside to the inside and mixing them up a bit. When all are golden, remove, break apart and let cool completely. Store in an air tight container. These are incredible by themselves, with cheese or as a cracker dip for any number of spreads. I love them dipped in plain cream cheese as a snack.

The dough becomes very sticky!

Breaking apart before rolling helps to roll an even, thin layer

Be sure to cover completely or they WILL stick to a rolling pin...
your hand, the pan... everything they come into contact with

Break apart and enjoy!

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