How much sugar are you eating without knowing it?

Are you watching how much sugar you are eating?  Whether it's natural or not, you might be surprised at the amount of sugar in foods.  When I saw these photos on the Sugar Stacks website, I thought it was a great, easy way to get a general idea of the sugar in foods.  They look at the total sugar content and because they want to keep it as simple to understand as possible, they don't differentiate between all the various kinds of sugars;  they just want you to start thinking about the sugar content of foods and how much sugar you might be eating all day without realizing it.   I love this!  And if you are avoiding sugar due to health reasons or follow a low carb, sugar free way of eating, you already know there are certain fruits and vegetables that are better choices than others.  You can visit their site to see even more food choices.

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