My Favorite Low Carb, Sugar Free, Grain Free Cookbooks

Back in 2002 I started to research the effects of sugar and refined, white flour on our bodies and our health.  By the spring of 2003 I was ready emotionally, mentally and psychologically to give myself a "detox" of all sugar and flour and see what (if anything) happens.  The effect of that first 2 weeks of detox was eye opening and amazing.  So much so, that my husband saw the positive changes after the first week and although he previously hadn't paid any attention to the research I was doing - he asked me if I could explain to him what he could and couldn't have so that he could start the 2 week detox as well.  We've never looked back.  Since that spring in 2003, we do the Atkins 2 week induction detox followed by 2 months of sugar free, low carb; at least 3 times a year.  More often than not however, we seem to eat this way even subconsciously when we are not low carbing.

We've always had to live on a very frugal budget and buying cookbooks is a long and painful decision for me.  I take forever to make my decision, then I spend even more time looking for the best prices, sales and if I'm looking online (more often now than not) I look for free shipping and other perks before I finally (FINALLY) spend the money.  Frankly and honestly;  we just don't have it.  So we watch every nickel carefully.   For that reason, I don't own many low carb cook books.  However, in the interest of this post and for bookmarking purposes for myself as well, I decided to put my favorite list here with links to purchase them through Amazon.

Cookbooks I either own and use, or are on my personal 'next to purchase' list;

The Art of Healthy Eating - Sweets

Splendid Low-Carbing: The Complete Series (Volumes 1 to 5)

500 Low-Carb Recipes: from Snacks to Dessert

Low Carb-ing Among Friends  V3 (14-Jan-13)

Low-Carb ing, Among Friends Gluten-Free, V2 (27-July-12)

Low-Carb ing, Among Friends, V1 (11-Nov-11)

Here are the image links to the books listed above;


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