July 03, 2014

Jello Salad with Marshmallows and Pineapple

You won't find a picture of this on my site, because this is a 'jello salad' I will never, ever make.  Nor eat.  I'm not a fan of jello salads of any sort, but I know they are very popular with the generation's before me.   This morning I was looking through my files for things I had posted on previous Fourth of July holidays and this popped up in my search because originally I found it labeled "Fourth of July Salad".

I know why I put it in my recipe files... this is the kind of thing my Mom, my Grandmother and my father-in-law would love.  I've had it sitting in my draft files since 2008 when I collected it with the intention of possibly making it for one of their visits. 

For anyone looking for a very 50's, 60's, 70's Jello Salad... well, this is for you I guess!

Jello Salad with Marshmallows and Pineapple

2 boxes lime jello
16 marshmallows
2 (3 oz.) pkg. cream cheese
1 pkg. orange jello
1 pt. whipping cream
1 small can crushed pineapple

Mix lime jello and chill only until congealed. Mix together in top of double boiler the marshmallows, cream cheese and orange jello (dry). Heat until all has melted and is creamy. Set aside. Whip whipping cream; add pineapple (liquid and all). Add this to melted mixture in double boiler. Put in large Pyrex dish. Pour congealed, lime jello over this. Put in refrigerator. Chill until served.Print Friendly and PDF